wii animal crossing city folk crosses many miles!

I am specifically commenting on the Wii Animal Crossing City Folk product. They not only cross many miles to their nearby urban community, but they can also cross many miles to visit with friends and relatives they do not see on a regular basis.
I have had the pleasure of watching my grandchildren get hours of entertainment from their Wii system. I personally think that this system provides not only “play time” for children and adults too, but helps children develop mentally, socially and physically.
In Animal Crossing City Folk children have keys to their own community. They develop the whole story. This game encourages your child to use their imagination. They can develop their own little Mii (person), choose their hair, clothes, etc. They move into their own homes which they decorate to their own liking.
They can go fishing for rare fish that they can sell for belles! They can use the belles they accumulate to pay off their mortgage, buy items for their house, clothing or gifts for their friends. They can also give their belles to their community to purchase new bridges, parks, windmills and amenities for the community. As you can see, this can help develop a “giving” attitude and desire to help others.
Each animal character has a personality. There are such animals as elephants, goats, raccoons, rabbits, etc. It is fun to watch all the animals and Miis walk around the community. Up to four people from your household can live, work and play together. Parents can have a grand time playing with their children. They can go fishing together, build snowmen, take a bus to a new urban city where they can take in a show or shop at Gracie’s Boutique. They can also buy clothes, have their shoes “shined” and get their hair done. They can have a complete Mii makeover!
The atmosphere is that of real life. Even the seasons change. It snows, rains and the sun shines brightly. Fireflies are out in the summer, there is trick-or-treating activities at Halloween, and they can hunt for eggs on Bunny Day.
I have watched my grandchildren play this game. They not only develop good communication skills, they learn how to spell in communicating with their Mii friends, and in buying, and selling things they also have to use math skills. On the creative side, children can design clothes, signs and other artistic articles. I value games that help children grow in all of these areas.
In addition, with Animal Crossing you can cross the miles and play with cousins or friends that live far away. Yes, you can even play online using your broadband connection. You are able to invite up to three friends to visit your town using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If you purchase the Wii Speak microphone it will seem like you are all in the same room. It is priceless to watch children “get together” on Animal Crossing.
It is so adorable to see these little people go to the gate of their city where there are two dog guards standing watch to go to visit another town or greet their guests. They have fun fishing, seeing each other’s house and how it has been furnished and decorated. They can even shop in the stores in their friend’s community.
I look at this type of activity as a means to develop skills that a child can use in their life. It definitely is an inexpensive way to cross the miles that separate children from their friends and relatives. And the cost is a lot less than planes, trains or automobiles!
I hope you have fun in Animal Crossing!